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Top Hats & Tails Pony Club

What is Pony Club?

Pony Club is an international organization with branches all over the world. Top Hats & Tails is a member United States Pony Club. The organization is for riders aged 8-25 (with any size of horse!) and emphasizes safety, horse management, veterinary knowledge, and the three facets of riding in the Eventing discipline: Dressage, Stadium Jumping, and Cross-Country.  Western riding has now been added!  ADULTS can ride too! 26-?, you can join and become a Horse Master member.

By joining, riders get access to top level instruction on a bi-weekly basis. The club rides with both local and non-local trainers. Currently, Top Hats & Tails rides with Kt Harrington (a Grand Prix Dressage rider) or Liz Lamm (a graduate of the USDF Judging Program, she is a "L" graduate and passed with distinction. She has been a Dressage instructor since 1979 and judging shows since 1983). Kate Goebel (a B-rated Pony Club graduate) or Susan Miller (an HA-rated Pony Club graduate) or other regional instructor on a monthly basis. The club brings in several other instructors throughout the spring/summer/fall months.

Beth Bardeen, C-3 Pony Clubber
Jumping Zip Cross-Country